Our latest dragon boating adventure unfolded with two strong Thames crews representing our club: the Thames Taniwhas (Māori mythological beings who live in the waters) and the Thames Titans (Greek mythology pre-Olympian gods). These names represent the rich diversity of folks who make up our team.


Amidst a total of 10+ crews and 38 races, we embarked on a journey that celebrated our differences and united us as a formidable force. There were moments of exhilaration, hard-earned triumphs, and remarkable camaraderie that defined our diverse dragon boating team and sport at the London race this year. 


Off To A Sunny Start For The Season

As the sun bathed the horizon in warm hues, our crews, representing over 15 countries (and counting), gathered at the London Dockland’s edge. Each member brought a unique story, background, and perspective, painting a vibrant tapestry of cultures, ages, and experiences. 


The Thrill of the Competition


As race day dawned, we found ourselves among the bustling energy of crews, each representing a unique club. The fresh air filled with anticipation, reflected the nerves and excitement of our teams eager to get into the boats. Amidst this spirited atmosphere, we were prepared to face the competition head-on, striving to give our best in each race. For some, this was their very first experience racing in a boat. While others had their first opportunity to be with Thames as a new paddler from another club. 

Triumph and a Bronze Medal

Kicking off with the 200m Combined Heats Thames Taniwhas came second, putting us through to the next heat and limiting the need to do so many races. Through fierce determination and unwavering dedication, our combined efforts paid off. In the 200m mixed category, we proudly secured the third position, earning a well-deserved bronze medal. As we moved on to the 500m category the team persevered. Much longer race. We didn’t win in the category but we made a great effort in each race we competed in.
Bronze in 200m S20 mixed
Jamie collecting trophy
Thame Taniwhas (waiting for other crews so we can start)
Thame Titans
Womens crew (Amazons)
Congratulations to each one of our crew members who continued to put in a strong effort across each of the races. 

Lessons in Resilience

While our journey was encouraged by triumph, we also encountered challenges along the way (including teaching one of our helms (and coaches, Bill) how to floss…). Each race tested our resolve, demanding perseverance in the face of fatigue and fierce competition from some strong crews. However, we rose to the occasion, learning valuable lessons in resilience and determination. 
Bill learning to floss

Special Thanks

Thanks go to the Typhoons for hosting all the London and other crews for a fabulous day for all. We can’t miss a shout-out to Linda and Bill, our diligent coaches, who works tirelessly each week to arrange and facilitate training. David and Bill, our two helms for the day, and to each Thames member and supporter who showed up. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating 30 years and still going strong. 
And Big thanks to Soaring Dragons for donating their old drum to our new boat!